Ask The Central Heating Specialists! Will Switching Off Your Boiler While On Holiday Save You ££?

Here at Glow Heating Services, Lincolns favourite central heating specialists, we’re often asked by our customers whether turning off their boiler during times of minimal usage (i.e while away on holiday or overnight), is financially beneficial.

(OK, so none of us will be going on holiday anytime soon, but let’s imagine, for one moment, that we are. Close your eyes and picture a white sandy beach; think deep and imagine the sound of slowly lapping waves on the shore. MMMMM. Pina Coladas. Next year. Next year).

In this week’s blog, we discuss a few frequently asked questions about whether or not switching off your boiler could save you a few bob, while you’re away on your imaginary holidays.

ask the central heating specialists

1. Will Turning Off My Boiler Cause Central Heating Problems?

All boiler systems are unique – just like their owners! So, some systems might be more temperamental than others, and switching it off for a longer time than usual could trigger an issue with your central heating.

Switching your boiler off for a prolonged period could also cause elements such as your valves and pump to seize up.

To help prevent such issues from occurring, we recommend that you book an annual boiler service, preferably before you decide to turn your boiler off. A chat with your friendly central heating specialists will help clear up any confusion, and set you on your way to saving that money!

The boiler service will also provide an opportunity to eke out any issues with the potential to cause a problem when you’re away on your holibobs. Having your appliance checked over by a skilled engineer will also guarantee that your system is working safely and efficiently while delivering your total peace of mind that you’ll return home to a working system and warm abode!

2. I’m Going To The Bahamas For A Fortnight, Should I Turn My Boiler Off While Away?

Be it frolicking in the sun, or visiting grandma in another city – there’s one thing for sure, you won’t be needing access to your hot-water while you’re away. 

However, if your trip happens to befall the dead of winter – the answer is a resounding NO! Switching off your boiler as the mercury drops could spell frozen pipes. This simple flick of a switch might mean arriving home to a stone-cold house akin to a medieval castle, plus a whole bunch of central heating problems to repair. 


  • Leave your boiler on but set the room thermostat to a lower temperature. This move will ensure that the system is in working order when you return; which means hot showers and snuggly rooms after a long journey home.
  • Set your timer, so your central heating cranks for one hour a day to help prevent frost.
  • If you’re into cutting edge technology, why not invest in a smart thermostat? This way, through a phone app, wherever you are in the world, you could set your heating to do whatever you please! And even programme your heating, so you come home to a toasty abode. 

3. Should I Switch Off My Boiler While We’re Sleeping?

As central heating specialists, we get asked this question quite a lot, however, switching off your boiler each night won’t save you much money at all. However, using your room thermostat to set your temperature accordingly, even if by a degree or so, could save you a lot of cash over time.


Nothing is cut and dried when it comes to this subject; It all depends on your particular system and its health. 

Ensuring you keep up to date with your boilers annual service will mean your system has a clean bill of health; and this, ultimately, should eliminate many of the myriad ways your boiler could suffer during a week of non-usage. 

Always consult your boilers manual and ensure you know EXACTLY what you’re doing before deactivating your system. And if in any doubt, call your friendly heating engineer.

Ready To Talk To The Central Heating Specialists?

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