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Terms and Conditions for your GlowPlus Cover

Please read the below Terms and Conditions that apply to all our boiler repair services. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions.

At Glow, we’re passionate about clear communication and being transparent with our prices and service. That’s why we’ve created easy-to-digest terms and conditions so you know exactly the type or service you’ll be getting from Glow Heating Services. Please take you time to read over the terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions explain the GlowPlus Cover plans, your agreement with Glow, how to cancel the intended agreement and also how to make a complaint.

Glow Heating Services Terms and Conditions

How to make a complaint:

If you are unhappy with our service and would like to make a complaint, you can contact us using the below contact details:

Glow Heating Services
31 Worcester Close
Bracebridge Heath

Gas Safe Registration Number: 634561

Terms & Conditions

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