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Our one-off boiler service costs just £84, and you don’t need to be a GlowPlus member to book your service with us. We’re passionate about being upfront and open about the costs involved with your boiler service, and we’ll always talk you through any additional repairs if they’re needed, to help get your boiler working to its best. If you need any additional appliances fitting, we’ll charge these at just £42.00 each (T&Cs apply).

Our one-off boiler service

£84 – up to 60 minutes

A Glow Gas Safe engineer will carry out checks and tests to help ensure that your boiler is working safely, effectively and efficiently and without any faults. From time-to-time, unrelated faults can crop up, for example if the original fault was the boiler and now your radiator has started leaking, we will provide you with a separate quote for the new repair.

We’ll inspect:

  • Boiler controls
  • Gas and pressure flow
  • Main internal components
  • Flue releases
  • Safety devices
  • Electrical connections
  • Water and gas pipework
  • Seals

Need advice in order to help with the upkeep of your boiler service? Feel free to ask our friendly engineers any questions and we’ll aim to provide you with the right answers.