Smart Thermostats – 6 Brilliant Features

If smart thermostats are the supermodels of thermostats, their faded predecessor is Margaret Thatcher on a cold day. Not sexy – in case you were wondering.

From the insignificant faded cream dial on our wall to it’s flashy, slinky and sexy remote replacement; central heating thermostats have come a long way in a short while!

Nowadays, with a smart thermostat, you can expect real-time control, from anywhere with an internet connection, via a device app. That ‘s some James Bond s**t, right there. 

Here at Glow Heating Services, your friendly Linconshire boiler company, we specialise in the HIVE thermostat – a great British Gas innovation. And, as part of our Summer Deals; we’re offering a full boiler service and HIVE, PLUS installation for a sweet £250.

Installing a smart thermostat in your home is an excellent way to save money on your heating bills – up to £120 to be precise!

For example, If you go out and forget to turn your heating off, it will alert you via your smartphone. You then open the app and switch it off, whatever your location. To find out more, you can use the HIVE’s heating savings calculator, to determine exactly how much you could save. 

In this week’s blog, we fawn over the fabulous features of this money-saving gizmo.

*These features vary across smart thermostat models

smart thermostats

1. Smart Thermostats Enjoy Multi-Room Controls

Many smart thermostats available on the market have a multi-room controls option. This feature is particularly useful for those with a larger home, with rooms not in use. Being able to control the heat in your home room by room affords way more energy efficiency – saving you big bucks in the long run.

The catch? You’ll need to purchase additional thermostats, or smart thermostatic radiator valves to connect the dots. This set-up cost can appear steep but is a worthy investment over time. 

2. A Smart Thermostat, Will Adapt To Your Preferences

Ever felt like someones keeping tabs on you, watching your every move?? Fear not, It’s just your friendly smart thermostat. Certain brands (HIVE included) will track your energy usage, and after a few days, be able to programme itself to your preferences. For those who prefer total control, you can easily override this feature.

3. Smart Thermostats Have Inbuilt Draught Detection

Like an energy-saving sniffer dog – many smart thermostats can detect draughts in your home. This revolutionary feature will show areas in your home in need of repair, and stop you from wasting heat and money.

4. Smart Thermostats Allow Hot Water Control

For those with a separate hot water tank, some smart thermostats allow you to control your hot water via your smart thermostat. This feature is excellent if you’re away from home a lot. Gone are the days of returning home after a long week away working, to run a cold bath because you forgot to turn it on again.

Providing you with the freedom to crank the heat before your return; your water will be steamy hot and ready to pour you a nice warm bath or shower when you get home, all via an app! *Aditional kit required 

5. Smart Thermostats Employ Safety & Holiday Modes

If you’re going away on holiday or a work trip mid-winter, this feature ensures your heating switches on if the temperature falls below a safe level. While it’s not a revolutionary innovation – it’s an important one as it provides your pipes don’t freeze, leaving you in a dier and potentially expensive situation.

6. A Smart Thermostat Utilises Geofencing

Now, this feature screams James Bond! Geofencing, oooh! Say it again! GEOFENCING. So cool, so cutting edge, so futuristic! Creating a virtual boundary around the real-life area that is your home – smart thermostats will detect your comings and goings – thus heating or cooling your abode respectively, when you enter or leave your set ‘boundary’ zone. Licence to heat, licence to CHILL.


Smart thermostats are the future. These brilliant devices will kiss goodbye to energy wastage – saving our planets precious resources AND your energy bills. Some smart thermostats can even give you feedback on your energy use; providing you with details on how to improve your habits.

Through WiFi, our central heating controls are now accessible through our phones and other devices. This innovation means total control, from anywhere in the world, be it a beach, tiki bar or a skyscraper, as long as there’s an internet connection. Pretty cool, right?

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