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Amy Kyriacou
Social Media and Copywriting

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Creativity, a fresh perspective, badass wordsmithery and the ability to weave humour and soul into inanimate objects
Honest, compassionate, positive
I admire my besties - my badass biches, my ladies, my gal pals. These women have supported me through some very turbulent times. They’ve got me to where I am now...and without them, I’d be nothing. They are all incredibly funny, witty and sharp, they are honest to the core, they are always 100% authentic - zero bullshit tolerated. They are driven, talented in myriad ways - and they are always always always there for me. I am one lucky lady!
Lying. Lying. And people who don’t pick up their dog poop.
On a beach, in Thailand or Australia. 4 years ago! No responsibilities!
A vet - I grew up with horses, cats and dogs; rolling about in the British countryside.
To run my own business - work a four day week, travel with my little girl, build a permaculture homestead.
What is spare time? Lol! Only joking. But not. Mmmm, I love gardening, painting, growing tomatoes, kissing my lover, laughing with my little girl, dancing in sequins, sitting by a campfire in a forest, frequenting cafes, laughing with friends, hugging my mum, staring at trees... sleeping ; )
Say it enough and it will be so! Manifest that shit!
I love that we’re promoting a genuine article! Selling something so awesome is easy! The trust between team members. The genuine connection. The camaraderie. The inspiring people who make up our team. The every day LOLs and the full creative autonomy - a rarity!