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Luke Stenner
Lead Heating Engineer

More about Luke

The best skills I bring to my jobs are perseverance in fault finding, positivity and a mind that absorbs as much information as it can. I love meeting new people and putting smiles on customers faces.
Friendly, determined and dedicated
Enthusiastic, try to see the best in people and chatty
Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool Manager – Not just because it support Liverpool, but his attention to detail to make up the whole picture is unreal.
Cutting corners, no empathy and mushrooms!
I can peel an apple all the way round in one go
Visit Australia, visit the Maldives, watch Real Madrid at the Bernabau
Garden drinks with friends, grassroots football (as I’m a coach) and petal biking as well as spending time with the family
‘You’ll be alright!’
The emphasis on top class customer service!